Visibility assured from A to Z!

Our Expertise :
We offer a complete and turnkey service, from measurement and computer graphics, to the final installation, across Canada and around the world, with our expert team of more than ten 3M certified installers.

From the largest
For large-scale projects such as hôpitaux du CHUM andCUSM hospitals over a period of several months, we offer expertise adapted to each stage with the required flexibility as the work progresses.

To the fastest
For projects that must be completed within very tight deadlines, we also have the appropriate expertise. In the field of display and digital printing, projects are often a last minute request with little margin of error. We have the trust of many companies and organizations because we have successfully completed impressive installations in record time without affording to make mistakes. One example: the World Design Summit was conducted by our team in just two days and everything was ready when the door opened to public.  

Across the world
Need an international installation? We are able to meet all your expectations. On this particular topic, we are proud to be behind Air Canada signage in more than 400 airports around the world.

And Much More:
We offer phantom installation services if you are a reseller and wish to remain anonymous. To offer a flawless installation under the name and image of another company is for us the greatest guarantee of reliability and trust that can be granted.

Air Canada

Camions Vidéotron

Collège des médecins du Québec

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens



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Visibility assured from A to Z!

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